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Pavé Torta La Vegana all'albicocca Pavé Torta La Vegana all'albicocca1

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La Vegana all'albicocca

Vegan apricot jam tart, butter free and egg free. Ideal for those on a vegan diet or who are lactose intolerants. The tart’s fragrant pastry is blended with extravergin olive oil and stone ground flour.
400 gr.
Apricot jam, wheat flour, raw sugar, olive oil, whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt, soy lecithin, lemon peel, vanilla.
Vegan product

Produced in a facility that uses dried fruits, hard shell fruits, wheat, eggs, milk derivatives, celery, mustard, soy. Products sold online might have been in contact with the ingredients listed above.

13,0013,00 € each

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