A day at Pavé

From breakfast to “Aperitivo”.

Our Breakfast

Pastries, cakes and hot drinks.

We strongly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’ll be welcomed by a large selection of pastries still warm from the oven, our bread, single portion cakes for the gourmands, pressed juices, shakes and as many hot drinks as you would need to start your day on the right foot.

Our Lunch

Pavé transitions into a bistrot for a healthy and genuine midday break.

Our lunch is served daily from 12PM to 3PM. You can choose between sandwiches made with mother dough bread, a selection of salads, soups and charcuterie boards. Everything is freshly made according to our seasonal menu to secure the freshness of our products and the quality of the ingredients.

Our “Merenda”

A moment lost in time.

Our Merenda time embraces the concept of ‘genuine’. The Merenda at Pavé officially starts the moment we take our focaccia out of the oven. Bread, butter and jams, bread and chocolate, a wide range of loose teas and infusions to accompany our home made cakes till the aperitivo time.


A real Milanese moment and the importance of the 1980’s.

It’s been a few decades since our city has introduced a new social element in the day of the milanese: the aperitivo. Pavè offers a time-travel experience featuring signature cocktails such as Negroni, Pimm’s, Mi-To, Zucca, Biancosarti and Bianco Amaro. A large selection of drinks served alongside nibble such as pistachios, peanuts, olives and crisps. Our charcuterie and cheese boards, freshly made pizza and focaccia slices will satisfy those who are particularly hungry.


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