Traditional Panettone


Our traditional Panettone, produced according to the original recipe.

From the size to the packaging, within three days, we prepare it strictly by hand, respecting tradition and our city. It is what we are most attached to.


Soft wheat flour type 00, butter, candied orange, raisins, sugar, egg yolk, mother yeast, candied citron, honey, salt, Madagascar vanilla.  

Weight: 1 kg 

NOTICE: Our leavened products are entirely artisanal, with no added flavorings or preservatives, and are packaged fresh. An expiration date of at least 35 days is guaranteed from the first attempt to deliver the products by the courier. 

Produced in a facility that uses dried fruits, hard shell fruits, wheat, eggs, milk derivatives, celery, mustard, soy. Products sold online might have been in contact with the ingredients listed above.

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