Il Box Birrette!


The box contains:

  • Sig.ra Lina (Pils, WARxPAVÈ) – 44cl
  • JungleBus (IPA, WARxPAVÈ) – 44cl
  • Santo Spirito (Helles Bock, Brewery WAR) – 44cl
  • Miami82 (East Coast Lager, Brewery WAR) – 44cl
  • Rage (West Coast IPA, Brewery WAR) – 44cl
  • Cookies (Ordinary Bitter, Brewery WAR) – 44cl

Produced in a facility that uses dried fruits, hard shell fruits, wheat, eggs, milk derivatives, celery, mustard, soy. Products sold online might have been in contact with the ingredients listed above.

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